• Jessica, Kristina, Mary and Shannon met in Arusha, Tanzania, in January 2010. The idea of a sponsorship program was born. We started out looking for just 12 sponsors.
  • May 2010 we had 20 students sponsored.
  • August 2010 the first Cheti website is launched.
  • September 2010, Cheti officially became incorporated.


  • Teresa joined the team to design our beautiful website as Website Manager.
  • Jue School is added to the Cheti Organization.
  • July 2011 Cheti becomes an official 501(c)3 organization.


  • Cara joined the team as our innovative Social Media Manager.
  • Cheti was selected as a Regional Finalist as Best New Charity by Stay Classy.
  • Purchased and delivered thousands of text and reading books for four local schools, reaching over 1,000 students.
  • Helped purchase a third school bus.
  • Completed the construction of all 8 classrooms at CHETI School.
  • Hired our first part-time employee as Onsite Coordinator in Arusha.
  • Facilitated the sponsorship and education of more than 100 children in Arusha, Tanzania.


  • Positively impacted more than 2,000 individuals within the Arusha Region — including students, staff, parents and community members.
  • Facilitated the construction of 8 classrooms and 4 facilities at CHETI School.
  • Enabled the purchase of 2 acres of land and 3 school buses.
  • Provided HIV tests for more than 90 students.
  • Selected as a Regional Finalist as Best New Charity by Stay Classy in 2012.
  • Sponsored 93 students in Nursery and Primary school — some students for their 3rd year.
  • Hired a part-time team member for 3 months.
  • Purchased and delivered thousands of text and reading books for 4 local schools.


  • Prioritize hiring an individual on the ground to coordinate programs, manage finances, etc.
  • Establish a working process with local partners — that both parties agree upon — prior to engaging in financial relationship.
  • Ensure Board of Directors represents individuals from various industries and backgrounds — including those that have accomplished something similar to what you are looking to do.
  • Establish 5-year growth plan in first year, including what happens if and when you grow faster than you expected.
  • Identify pro-bono lawyer and accountant prior to launching 501(c)3 who can help establish proper processes.
  • If not all of this is accomplished, consider nonprofit "sponsorship" prior to launching own 501c3. This enables donors to receive tax exempt receipts while ensuring all organizational "ducks" are in a row.
  • Think like a business. Always.